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Appendix C  Revision History

Different versions of Reactis are labeled as shown in Figure C.1 and described below.

Figure C.1: Version labels begin with a “V” and include three parts: a year, a major release number, and a patch release number. The parts are numbers separated by decimal points. By convention, trailing zeros are omitted.

Major Releases.
A new version of Reactis is released at the start of each year and labeled by a “V” followed by the four-digit year, for example V2018. Each label for an intra-year release includes a suffix consisting of a decimal point followed by a major release number; for example V2018.1, V2018.2, etc. will label the releases during 2018 that follow V2018.
Beta Releases.

Reactive Systems sometimes makes beta releases available to customers interested in evaluating the newest features of Reactis. Beta releases do not undergo as much testing as major releases do. By convention, beta releases have odd numbered major release numbers. For example, V2018.1, and V2018.3 denote beta releases.

Patch Releases.
Both stable and beta releases may be patched. The label for a patch release is constructed by extending the label for the major release to be patched with a suffix that includes a second decimal point and a patch release number. For example:
V2020.0.1denotesthe first patch release for V2020
V2019.2.3denotesthe third patch release for V2019.2

C.1  Patches Mailing List Archive

Patches to Reactis are posted to the Reactive Systems website between major releases. To view a summary of recent changes, please view the archives of the Reactis Patches mailing list available at:

C.2  V2020.2 (18 December 2020)

The V2020.2 release of Reactis includes the bug fixes that were included in patch releases through V2020.0.3 plus the new features listed below.

C.2.1  Newly Supported Simulink Features

The following Simulink features are supported in Reactis V2020.2:

  • MATLAB R2020b.
  • Simulink HDL blockset (most but not all blocks supported).
  • Delay blocks with “Show enable port” property enabled.
  • Delay blocks configured for Variable delay.
  • Delay blocks operating on buses.
  • Improved data type inference for Sum and Product blocks whose intermediate data type is set to “Inherit via internal rule”.
  • Support bus types for Initial Condition (IC) block.

C.2.2  Create Test Harnesses for Subsystems of a Model

Reactis V2020.2 introduces a new way for unit-testing subsystems of a model. Previously, the way to do so was to use the “Extract Subsystem” feature in Reactis to extract the subsystem under test. This created a new Simulink model file which could then be loaded in Reactis and tested. This procedure required re-extracting the subsystem whenever changes were made to the model.

In Reactis V2020.2 it is now possible to create testing harnesses for subsystems of a model. Simply right-click on a subsystem, select “Create New Harness” and Reactis limits the scope of the model to the selected subsystem. Input constraints and output tolerances can be set individually for each harness. If the model changes, Reactis automatically re-imports the harness system and integrates the changes from the model. Switching between different harnesses (i.e. subsystems to test) can easily be done by selecting from existing harnesses in a drop-down box.

C.2.3  Other Improvements

  • Detect and produce warnings or errors if subnormal floating-point values are detected during simulation.
  • Added option to include a list of all excluded targets in coverage report.
  • Improved block parameter display in Reactis (right-click on block and select View Block Parameters).
  • Draw condition expressions for Switch Case and If blocks.
  • New option to export and import test names in CSV files.
  • Improved GUI scaling on high-resolution displays. Automatically adjust if screen resolution changes.
  • Enable and disable Validator Objectives by right-clicking in the Edit > Validator Objectives list.

C.2.4  Reactis for C Plugin

Improved build management so that changes to an .rsm file which do not affect compilation do not force all source files listed in the .rsm file to be recompiled. For example, adding a source file to an .rsm file will not cause files which are already listed in that .rsm file to be recompiled.

C.2.5  Reactis for EML Plugin

  • Support function-call outputs.

C.3  Previous Major Release Dates

Major releases of Reactis prior to V2020.2 have occurred on the following dates: