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November 9, 2007

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2007.0.1.

The following bugs in Reactis have been fixed since V2007.

  • Fixed bug where double-clicking on a variable in a Validator expression objective parameters dialog would enter a wrong variable name into the text field.
  • Fixed bug that could cause wrong wiring in Validator timer and diagram objectives.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect From->Goto connections if local and global Goto blocks with the same tag exist. In some cases this could lead to "Undefined variable: GOTOL_*" errors.
  • When using context-sensitive constants with multiplication or division operator in Stateflow, scale the value to "best fit" instead of the same type as the other operand.
  • Fixed scaling of operands to relational operators in Stateflow.
  • Fixed displayed type when hovering over fixpoint signals during ministep (previously always displayed "double" instead of the fixpoint type).
  • Fixed "bug: field not found" when using a fixpoint type in Stateflow with scaling set to "none".
  • Improved automatic detection of proxy servers for automatic update.
  • Allow manual configuration of proxy servers for automatic update.

The following bugs in Reactis for C Plugin have been fixed since V2007.

  • Changed integer promotion rules to obey C99 standard. Combining an unsigned int with a signed int now produces an unsigned result.
  • Changed unary minus. Applying unary minus an unsigned result now produces an unsigned result.
  • Changed bitfields to allow signed values. Unless a bitfield is explicitly declared unsigned, its' type will now be signed.
  • Fixed bug causing sign to be lost when converting a short to an int.
  • Changed integer division to round towards zero instead of negative infinity.
  • Changed right shifting of signed values to perform an arithmetic shift instead of a logical shift.
  • Improved performance of (C-coded) S-Functions.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the following library functions: sprintf strcmp strncpy strncmp strpbrk
  • Fixed bug causing structures containing anonymous fields to be incorrectly initialized in some cases.

You may download the patches or full installers from:

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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