4. The Reactis Info File Editor#

Reactis does not modify the .mdl file for a model. Instead the tool stores model-specific information that it requires in a .rsi file. The primary way for you to view and edit the data in these files is via the Reactis Info File Editor. In the Reactis Model Inspector, the Info File Editor can be opened in read-only mode to inspect .rsi files created in Reactis. The directives contained in the .rsi file are grouped into twelve categories. The settings of each category are viewed from a different pane of the Info File Editor. Those panes are as follows:


This panel contains information and settings for the current test harness.

Inport Types.

Constrain the values that the inports assume during simulation, test generation, and validation.

Configuration Variables.

Tag certain workspace data items as configuration variables.

Test Points.

Manipulate model data items designated as test points.

Outport Tolerances.

Specify tolerance for Simulator to use when comparing an outport value computed by the model against that stored in a test suite.


Adjust various settings that determine how a model executes in Reactis (e.g. conditional input branch execution, short circuiting, etc.).

Error Checking.

Specify how Reactis should respond to various types of errors (e.g. overflow, NaN, etc.).

Coverage Metrics.

Specify the coverage metrics to be used when working with a model.

Excluded Coverage Targets.

View and modify the list of targets which have been excluded from coverage.

Validator Objectives.

Manipulate Validator objectives (assertions, user-defined targets, virtual sources).

C Code.

If using the Reactis for C Plugin, view a list of places in a model that reference C code (S-Functions and Stateflow custom code) and manipulate the settings for white-box analysis of each S-Function.

External EML Functions.

This panel lists .m files which contain Embedded MATLAB functions called from the model (e.g. from MATLAB Function blocks, Stateflow, Truth Tables).


Specify callbacks to be executed before and/or after a model is loaded.

Search Path.

Specify a model-specific search path.

File Dependencies.

Specify files on which the model depends.

Although not necessary, the default naming convention assumes that the .mdl file and .rsi file of a model share the same base name; for example, if the model file is named cruise.mdl, then the name of the associated .rsi file is assumed to be cruise.rsi. A .rsi file named differently may be associated with a model by loading the model in Reactis Model Inspector and selecting File -> Select Info File….

For detailed descriptions of the contents of each of the twelve panes, please see Chapter 5 of the Reactis User’s Guide: