2. Installing Reactis Model Inspector#

Reactis Model Inspector is available on Windows[1] 10. To run Reactis Model Inspector, a system should satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • At least 512 MB RAM (more is required for large models)

  • At least 40 MB free disk space

  • An installed Ethernet card

  • 64-bit Reactis Model Inspector requires 64-bit Windows

There are different methods for installing Reactis Model Inspector, depending on how you will access the license(s) you have purchased:

  1. via a Reactis License File residing on your computer, or

  2. via a Reactis License Manager running on a remote server.

In the latter case, you (or someone in your organization) will also need to install the Reactis License Manager. The Reactis Model Inspector installers may be downloaded from the Reactis User Pages:


2.1. Installing with Local License File#

To install Reactis Model Inspector, perform the following steps:

  1. Execute the self-installing executable


    and follow the instructions. The 64-bit Reactis Model Inspector installer is named


    but otherwise installing 64-bit Reactis Model Inspector proceeds exactly as the 32-bit install. If you obtained your release on a DVD, inserting the DVD into your DVD drive should initiate the execution of this executable automatically. If it does not, manually run the program reactismi-setup-V2023.exe that is included on the DVD. Alternatively, you may download the latest version of the installer from the Reactive Systems web site listed below. Note, that an updated version of the installer will have a name of the form reactismi-setup-V2023.0.n.exe where n is a patch release number.

  2. To obtain a Reactis License File, select

    Start -> All Programs -> Reactis Model Inspector V2023 -> License

    from the Windows Start menu. This will open a text editor showing the (incomplete) license file rsilicense.dat. Copy the information you find there into an e-mail message and send this message to Reactive Systems at help@reactive-systems.com. You will receive a response containing the completed license as an attachment. When you receive this e-mail, detach the license file and save it to a file named rsilicense.dat in the folder where Reactis Model Inspector is installed. If you installed in the default location the license should be saved to:

    C:\Program Files\Reactis Model Inspector V2023\rsilicense.dat


Fig. 2.1 Configuring Reactis Model Inspector to access a Reactis License Manager running on a remote server.#

2.2. Installing with Remote License Manager#

If your organization already has a server running the Reactis License Manager, then you will need the name or IP address of the license server. The steps required to install Reactis Model Inspector on your computer (the client) are as follows:

  1. On the client machine, run the installer (see step 1 of the Installing with Local License File section).

  2. Invoke Reactis Model Inspector by selecting

    Start -> All Programs -> Reactis Model Inspector V2023 -> Reactis Model Inspector

    The dialog shown in Figure 2.1 will appear. Click the Add button and enter the IP address or name of a server running the Reactis License Manager.

Step 2 can be repeated multiple times if there is more than one server.

2.3. Installing the Reactis License Manager#

Please see the Reactis License Manager User’s Guide:


2.4. Performing a Silent Install#

The Reactis Model Inspector installer supports a silent install (installing Reactis Model Inspector from the DOS command line in an automated fashion). The following command line switches control a silent install.


    Instructs the installer to be silent. When the installer is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window and error messages are displayed. The default settings (which can be overridden using command line arguments) are used for the install.

  • /VERYSILENT With this switch the installer will display error messages, but not the wizard, background window, or progress window.

  • /NOCANCEL Prevents the user from canceling during the installation process by disabling the Cancel button and ignoring clicks on the close button. This switch is useful in conjunction with /SILENT.

  • /DIR="x:\dirname" Overrides the default directory name displayed on the Select Destination Location wizard page. A fully qualified path name must be specified.

  • /GROUP="folder name" Overrides the default folder name displayed on the Select Start Menu Folder wizard page.

  • /COMPONENTS="comma separated list of component names" Overrides the default components settings. By default all components are installed. Possible components are:



    Reactis Model Inspector GUI



    License Manager



    License Monitor



    Help files



    Example files

  • /COPYSETTINGS Instructs the installer to copy the personal settings and license information to the new installation if running in SILENT or VERYSILENT mode and a previous existing Reactis installation is found. This is the default.

  • /NOCOPYSETTINGS Do NOT copy personal settings and license information from a previous existing installation.

  • /SAVEINF="x:\filename" Saves information entered during the install in a file. That file can later be used to specify default parameters via LOADINF. The following information is saved:

    • Install directory name

    • Program group name

    • Components

    • Should settings and license information be copied from existing versions of Reactis Model Inspector?

  • /LOADINF="x:\filename" Load default information from a file created with the SAVEINF option. This is useful in combination with a silent install, i.e.

    C:\> reactismi-setup-V2010.exe /SILENT /LOADINF="mysetup.inf"

    will install Reactis Model Inspector without any user prompts using the values saved in mysetup.inf Options given on the command line will override parameters stored in the information file.

  • /HELP or /? or /H Display help information for the silent install command line switches.