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Appendix B  Revision History

Different versions of Reactis for C are labeled as shown in Figure B.1 and described below.

Figure B.1: Version labels begin with a “V” and include three parts: a year, a major release number, and a patch release number. The parts are numbers separated by decimal points. By convention, trailing zeros are omitted.

Major Releases.
A new version of Reactis for C is labeled by a “V” followed by the four-digit year (e.g., V2020). Each label for an intra-year release includes a suffix consisting of a decimal point followed by a major release number; for example V2020.1, V2020.2, etc. will label the releases during 2020 that follow V2020.
Beta Releases.
RSI often makes beta releases available to customers interested in evaluating the newest features of Reactis for C. Beta releases do not undergo as much testing as major releases do. By convention, beta releases have odd numbered major release numbers. For example, V2020.1, V2020.3, ... denote beta releases.
Patch Releases.
Both stable and beta releases may be “patched.” The label for a patch release is constructed by extending the label for the major release to be patched with a suffix that includes a second decimal point and a patch release number. For example:
V2020.2.1denotesthe first patch release for V2020.2
V2020.0.2denotesthe second patch release for V2020

B.1  V2020 (18 December 2020)

The V2020 release of Reactis for C includes all patches up to and including the V2019.0.2 release, plus the following new features.

B.1.1  Target Architectures

The architecture of the virtual machine used to execute the program under test can be selected. Choices are 32-bit big endian or 32-bit little endian.

B.1.2  Build Performance Improved

Improved build management so that changes to an .rsm file which do not affect compilation do not force a complete rebuild of all source files. For example, adding a source file to an .rsm file will not cause files which are already listed in that .rsm file to be recompiled.

  • Detect and produce warnings or errors if subnormal floating-point values are detected during simulation.
  • New option to include a list of all excluded targets in coverage report.
  • New option to include test names when exporting or importing a test suite.
  • Improved appearance of GUI on high-resolution displays.

B.2  Previous Major Release Dates

Major releases of Reactis for C prior to V2020 have occurred on the following dates:

VersionRelease Date