21. Reactis Info File - File Dependencies#

21.1. rsRsiGetDependencies#

Return list of additional dependencies from the .rsi file.

21.1.1. Syntax#

files = rsRsiGetDependencies(rsiId)

21.1.2. Description#


returns a cell array containing the list of additional file dependencies specified in the .rsi file.

21.1.3. See Also#

rsRsiOpen, rsRsiSetDependencies

21.2. rsRsiSetDependencies#

Sets the list of additional dependencies in the .rsi file.

21.2.1. Syntax#


21.2.2. Description#


sets the list of additional file dependencies in the .rsi file to the list given in the files parameter.


an identifier of an .rsi file previously opened by rsRsiOpen files

a cell array of strings, one entry for each dependent file.

21.2.3. See Also#

rsRsiOpen, rsRsiSave, rsRsiGetDependencies