5. Reactis Test Suites#

5.1. rsSuiteOpen#

Open an existing Reactis test suite file.

5.1.1. Syntax#

suiteId = rsSuiteOpen(suiteFilename)

5.1.2. Description#

suiteId = rsSuiteOpen(suiteFilename)

opens Reactis test suite file suiteFilename, which must be an .rst file created by Reactis.

suiteId is a scalar integer valued double that identifies the test suite for use with other API functions.

5.1.3. Examples#

ts = rsSuiteOpen('cruise.rst')

5.1.4. See Also#

rsSuiteClose, rsSuiteSave, rsSimRunSuite

5.2. rsSuiteClose#

Close a test suite file.

5.2.1. Syntax#


5.2.2. Description#


closes the test suite identified by suiteId. Any changes since the last call to rsSuiteSave will be discarded.

5.2.3. See Also#

rsSuiteOpen, rsSuiteSave

5.3. rsSuiteSave#

Save changes to a test suite.

5.3.1. Syntax#

rsSuiteSave(suiteId, suiteFilename)

5.3.2. Description#


writes any changes made to the test suite to disk, using the same file name as used in the rsSuiteOpen call that opened the suite. Raises an error if the test suite was created by rsSimImportSuite or rsTester (i.e. the suite has no given filename).

rsSuiteSave(suiteId, suiteFilename)

writes any changes made to the test suite to disk into a file named suiteFilename.

5.3.3. See Also#

rsSuiteOpen, rsSuiteClose

5.4. rsSuiteGetNumTests#

Get number of tests in a test suite.

5.4.1. Syntax#

numTests = rsSuiteGetNumTests(suiteId)

5.4.2. Description#

numTests = rsSuiteGetNumTests(suiteId)

returns the number of tests in the suite identified by suiteId.

5.4.3. See Also#

rsSuiteOpen, rsSuiteGetTests

5.5. rsSuiteGetTests#

Get information about tests in test suite.

5.5.1. Syntax#

testArray = rsSuiteGetTests(suiteId)

5.5.2. Description#

testArray = rsSuiteGetTests(suiteId)

returns the name of and number of steps in each test in the suite identified by suiteId. testArray is an array of structures containing one element for each test in the suite. Each structure in the array has fields name and numSteps.

5.5.3. Examples#

>> ts = rsSuiteOpen('cruise.rst')
>> testA = rsSuiteGetTests(ts)
>> testA(1) = 
ans =
      name: 'Test 1'
  numSteps: 17
>> testA(1).numSteps
ans = 

5.5.4. See Also#

rsSuiteOpen, rsSuiteGetNumTests

5.6. rsSuiteGetReactisVersion#

Get Reactis version of test suite.

5.6.1. Syntax#

versionString = rsSuiteGetReactisVersion(suiteId)

5.6.2. Description#

versionString = rsSuiteGetReactisVersion(suiteId)

returns a string versionString identifying the version of Reactis that was used to create the test suite identified by suiteId.

5.6.3. See Also#