8. Revision History#

8.1. V2022 (22 June 2022)#

The V2022 release of the Reactis License Manager includes the following new features:

  • Access to licenses can now be restricted via user/password authentication. Each user or user group can be assigned a set of licenses to which they have access.

  • You can now print license usage information by invoking the Reactis License Monitor from a shell (reactism.exe -l).

  • The installation process has been streamlined. The Reactis License Manager service is now automatically created and started by the installer.

8.2. V2019 (28 June 2019)#

The V2019 release of the Reactis License Manager contains a fix for a potential issue that may have allowed licenses to get in a state that prevented them from being released until the License Manager was restarted.

8.3. V2016 (20 October 2016)#

The V2016 release of the Reactis License Manager is the first release of the license manager as a separate product. Earlier versions of the license manager were included in the installers of Reactis, Reactis for C and Reactis Model Inspector.