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June 6, 2023
Reactis FAQ

FAQ: Product Independent


• What products does Reactive Systems offer?
• What are the supported platforms and system requirements for the Reactis products?
• How do I evaluate one or more of the Reactis products?
• Is training available?
• How can I stay informed about the latest Reactis developments?
• How does Reactis version numbering work?
• How do I purchase one of the Reactis products?

Getting Help

• How do I get support by phone?
• How do I get support via email?
• Is context-sensitive help available?
• How can I view the Reactis documentation?

Problems Starting Reactis

• When I try to run Reactis I get an error message saying something like Unable to connect to License Server. Why?
• When I invoke Reactis, I get a Settings dialog with a single License tab. Why?
• When I invoke Reactis, an error dialog box appears saying All available concurrent licenses are currently in use. What is happening?
• I get the error message Couldn't find Ethernet adapter with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx in this machine when I try to start Reactis (or the License Manager). What is happening?
• I upgraded my machine, and Reactis no longer works. Why?

Problems Running Reactis

• I just installed a new local license file, but when I start Reactis, a window titled Reactis Settings appears, listing local MAC addresses, the local license file path, and license servers. Despite the local license file, a note appears saying [not currently using local license]. Why is this?
• While running Reactis I got the message Lost connection to License Manager. What happened?
• While running Reactis I got the message Lost connection to backend. What happened?

Reactis License Manager

• I have installed the Reactis application on my machine. How do I configure it to access a license from a remote License Manager running at my company?
• Does Reactis use FlexLM(TM)?
• Can the Reactis License Manager be installed as a service?
• Can I view who is currently occupying Reactis licenses?
• The License tab of the Settings dialog and the standalone License Monitor utility do not display the names and phone numbers of people occupying licenses. Why not?
• When I exit Reactis, is my shared license immediately available for use by others?
• I upgraded the machine the License Manager runs on, and now I get the error message Couldn't find ethernet adapter with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx in this machine when I try to start the License Manager. What is happening?

Licensing Issues

• What are the various licensing options for the Reactis products?
• Is technical support included in the price of a license?
• How can I get a copy of the Reactis License Agreement?
• Why did my Reactis license expire?
• Why are there annual licenses?
• Does support for a perpetual license need to be maintained continuously? In other words, if I do not purchase support one year, but want to do so the next year, do I need to purchase the ``missing year''?
• My colleague and I want to share a license. Is this allowed?